Cultural Tenents

 Kuda Vana is not your typical orphanage. we believe that by doing for a few what we’d like to do for many, we can make a deep impact on not just the lives of the children in our care, but ultimately their families and communities.

Children First.

The children we serve come first. Always. In everything. We do for our few what we’d like to do for many. In this way, we can invest deeply in each child who comes to us. 

Build Families.

We provide group home structures for children, infancy through young adulthood. Each child is provided with nutrition, healthcare and educational play in a loving family environment where they can grow and thrive physically, spiritually and emotionally. In turn, one day they will model positive family behaviors and the message of the gospel to their own children. 

Address the Past. 

We proactively seek to heal the wounds our children have experienced through group and individual therapy with an on-staff psychologist. Additionally, we provide all staff with annual trauma training. 

Prepare for the Future.

We are committed to ensuring each young person has the knowledge, skills and confidence to become self-sufficient adults. This means we provide personalized, quality education from pre-school through college or trade school. 

Community Driven. 

We believe that Zimbabweans know the needs of their country's children the best. Our local leadership team runs operations, implements initiatives and develops overall strategy, while our stateside team works to secure resources. 

“This place is special. It isn’t just an institution. It shares love. I want that love. I want to share that love. I know there are other people in the world that are living the way I lived before I came to Kuda Vana. I have to find those people now and help. And share the love I was given.”

– Tadairwa, Age 19

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