Kuda Vana Partnership

Empower a Child to thrive

Our Mission: Kuda Vana Partnership exists to empower the most vulnerable children of Zimbabwe to not just survive, but thrive. Our staff provide whole-person care to each child, including love, nutrition, security, healthcare, education, life-skills and spiritual and emotional guidance - enabling them to live more independent, dignified, and enriched lives. 

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Kuda Vana offers a full spectrum of care to each child, infancy through young adulthood. Learn more about our programs here:

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Youth transition Program

We are committed to ensuring each child attains healthy, self-sufficient adulthood. Our young adults are supported through trade school or college.

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Children’s home

Our campus provides a safe, family-oriented environment for 50 children ages 0-18 in four group homes and a nursery.

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Kuda Vana Primary School

Education is the key to the future. Our school prepares children emotionally and academically for a successful high school experience and a positive future.

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Family Assistance Program

In almost all cases, the best place for children to be raised is with their families. We support this belief by helping to eliminate food scarcity amongst needy families.

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If it wasn’t for Kuda Vana, I would be a nobody. I was rescued from being a seven-year old bride with no parents, and now I have a college degree.
— Shamiso, Age 23
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