Zimbabwe Today

          In 2017 a military intervention in the country forced Robert Mugabe to resign, making Emmerson Mnangagwa the President of Zimbabwe. Today Zimbabwe is still struggling to regain its former glory. Zimbabwe’s current population is 14 million. Its HIV prevalence rate is among the world’s highest, ranking 5th place with 13.3%. Because of its uncertain political climate, staggering unemployment, and low wages, Zimbabwe has gradually shifted from being a tourist destination country to a country of emigration. These conditions have caused detrimental brain drain in the country, and exacerbating problems of illegal migration and human trafficking.  

            Nevertheless, the people of Zimbabwe are resilient and optimistic. There is much hope and inspiration towards a brighter future in Zimbabwe. Many local NGOs, such as Junior Achievement Zimbabwe, Gogo Olive, and Kuda Vana, are working hard to ensure than young people have the right skills to be self-sufficient in the future. These organization are committed to creating the next generation of Zimbabwean entrepreneurs who can create their own jobs. The tourism industry is beginning to slowly gaining traction again as well. People around the world can’t help but be drawn to the beauty of Zimbabwe’s landscape and the warmth of its people.      


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