Not Your Typical Orphanage

Empowering the most vulnerable children of zimbabwe to not just survive, but thrive

Kuda Vana, which means "Loving Children" in Shona, is committed to improving the situation of children without adequate family care. AIDS and other diseases, economic hardship and extreme poverty have left millions of children in Zimbabwe orphaned, separated or on the brink of family breakdown.


Kuda Vana partners with Social Services to provide a safe and loving environment for orphaned or abandoned children who are in need of temporary or permanent care. It is our priority to reunite children with their families, or to facilitate fostering and adoption when we can. Unfortunately, because this is not always possible Kuda Vana aims to provide children with more than just physical care. Children need love, attention and healthy adult attachments, which is why each child in our care grows up in a loving family unit, or Group Home. 

Kuda Vana has four Group Homes, which each house up to 10 children ages 3-18. Each Group Home has a Mama and an Auntie who provide consistent and personal love, care and discipline to each child. Kuda Vana also has a nursery, which can care for up to eight infants. 

We strive to ensure each child in our care knows they are valued and loved. Family worship and weekly church services on and off our campus are an integral part our our culture - each child grows up knowing a Father in heaven who will never harm or abandon them. Each child is nurtured and encouraged to fulfill their personal potential through trade school, college or business. Kuda Vana Partnership is truly a family. 

"This place is different from other orphanages. I came here from somewhere else, in 2014. There, when you are 18 you are just done. There is no family. No help. At Kuda Vana, I know I have a family forever. I have to work hard, go to college, help myself, but they will always be there for me. I would like to be a doctor someday - to help others, with cancer, aids, the things that have hurt my country."

- LoveMore, Age 17