The journey of a gift

Many people wonder when they donate to a nonprofit if their gift actually makes an impact. Does it go where they say it will? Will it actually improve a life?

Charlene packs up her handmade quilts to send to Kuda Vana Children’s Home

Charlene packs up her handmade quilts to send to Kuda Vana Children’s Home

We can assure you that when you give to Kuda Vana Partnership, your time, money, or donated items go exactly where we say they will. Our motto, “Do for a few what we’d like to do for many” helps us ensure each child gets exactly what he or she needs to not just survive, but thrive. Our administrative costs stay low thanks to our incredible volunteers and a lean operation. We are committed to utilizing the resources we have wisely, and we do our best to honor each donation, no matter how large or small.

Recently, a wonderful woman named Charlene made a beautiful quilt embroidered with monkeys. She learned about Kuda Vana from her daughter, who runs Bellafina Chocolates, also a supporter of our organization. Charlene decided she would like the children at Kuda Vana to have her quilt, and proceeded to make dozens more when she heard about our needs. The quilts were boxed up and rode a moving truck from Tenneesee to Colorado. They were then packed into giant duffle bags, and made their way via plane to Dallas, Ethiopia, Zambia and finally Zimbabwe. Finally, they took a four hour drive in an old Land Cruiser to Kuda Vana Children’s Home. Charlene’s monkey quilt is now keeping the newest member of the Kuda Vana family warm on chilly winter nights in Zimbabwe.

Baby in Quilt from Bellafina.png

Just like Charlene’s quilt, your gifts are processed and utilized with the utmost care. They make their way all the way to Zimbabwe in the form of love in the hearts of each child in our care. Because of you, each child knows they are important, that they are loved, and that they matter. Thank you!