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October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and we would like to honor one of our Kuda Vana children by sharing his memory with you.

Earlier this month, Social Services brought us a baby boy, thought to be just a two weeks old. Tragically, he had been found abandoned in a pit toilet. No one knows what caused his mother to have a change of mind after the birth of this blessing. It's believed that Max stayed with his mother for a week before being thrown down into the pit, because when he was found he was fully clothed. A passerby heard his cries and rushed to Max's rescue by hooking his clothing with some wire and pulling him out. He was then rushed to the hospital for medical attention before being brought to us. We cannot imagine the circumstances that would drive someone to throw away an infant, but unfortunately it is a reality that has been shared by many of the children in Kuda Vana's care. 

Max and Mama Gertrude snuggling together

Max and Mama Gertrude snuggling together

Little Max, as we called him, was brought to our nursery and loved and nurtured by our caregivers and the other children. Unfortunately, a week after joining us, Max developed an infection and was brought back to the hospital. Tragically, they were unable to revive him, and he passed away with a loving Mama at his side. He was buried in a local cemetery.

We share this sad story with you because without our supporters, Max would not have had the opportunity to be loved and cared for in the way he deserved for his short life

As his caregiver, Mama Progress says:

"Being thrown into the toilet was only a way of directing Max to his real home, Kuda Vana. Despite the bad things that happen, God has ways of showing that he is God all of the time. "

Max was the eighth infant to join the Kuda Vana family, and we are so grateful for the financial support that allowed us to build a nursery to care for these sweet babies and provide Max with a loving home. Signing up as a monthly donor is the best way to ensure Kuda Vana has the resources needed to keep our doors open to the children that need us the most. Thank you for your support!