Kuda Vana Youth Transition Program

Empowering the future

Imagine being raised in a family home, but when you are 18 you can no longer legally return home to visit. You may or may not have finished high school yet, and are suddenly out on your own with no place to go, no support system, and no money. This is the plight of most orphans in Zimbabwe – they must leave the place they have been raised and figure out how to make a go of it. Needless to say, this astounding gap in services often perpetuates the existing societal problems: an incomplete education, no access to medical care or contraceptives and no support system. 

This is why Kuda Vana launched the Youth Transition Program. The program provides holistic support to young people as they transition to self-sufficient adulthood. Support includes: 

  • Temporary housing and adult oversight to young people 18 and up

  • Tuition for high school, trade school or college until completion or through the age of 22

  • Income-generating opportunities such as agriculture or livestock cultivation