Kuda Vana Family Assistance Program

Keeping children with their families

Kuda Vana believes that the best place for children to be raised is with their families. We support this belief by helping to eliminate food scarcity amongst needy families in two regions of Zimbabwe: Murwira, Murange and Buhera District in Manicaland. By providing food to children whose families are struggling to survive, we can help ensure those children are able to stay in their homes. 

Background: The Kuda Vana Family Assistance Program was launched in Buhera in 2012 with the help of local leaders and international partners. In 2016 we began the program in Murwira, the site of our old children's home. Both regions are dry and prone to drought, and many children in the area suffer from poverty and malnutrition. 


  • A variety of seeds are provided to families to plant, harvest and sell.

  • 15 children are provided with two meals a day in the Buhera District.

  • 36 children in Murwira are provided with monthly supplies of groceries for their families.

  • Clean drinking water and sanitation facilities are provided.

  • School fees and educational materials are provided when necessary and possible.

  • The children at Kuda Vana Children's Home are learning to give back to their community by actively participating in this program.


It costs $2,000 a month to ensure these children have adequate nutrition and can hopefully stay with their respective families long term. Will you help?