Economy in Crisis

The economy in Zimbabwe is currently at its worse in decades. Inflation was most recently measured at nearly 200%, and basic necessities like shelter, water, electricity, education, and the cost of food have sky rocketed.

Shortages of basic commodities such as fuel, bread and medicine are frequent. Further, extreme drought is wreaking havoc as the country is heavily reliant on hydro electric power, and 18 hour power cuts have forced many businesses to shut down.

The World Food Program is warning that at least 1,135,500 people in Zimbabwe will need food aid in 2019.

The country also suffers from chronic unemployment, with some measurements at nearly 95% unemployment.         

Kuda Vana is taking steps to be as self-sufficient as possible through solar power, well water and increased agriculture production on our own land. It is vital that each child in our care is equipped to care for themselves and their families in such a volatile environment.

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