Kuda Vana School 

sustainable change begins with quality education

The path to self-sufficiency is through consistent and quality education. It is Kuda Vana's goal to provide the children in our care and those in the surrounding communities with an educational facility that will ensure they will receive the best possible training for a brighter future. Ultimately, we hope to serve at least 250 primary-aged students, including the 50 students currently at Kuda Vana Children's Home.

Kuda Vana has acquired land for a school adjacent to the Kuda Vana Children's Home. Phase One of the project will consist of a primary school and teacher housing, along with the necessary plumbing, security facilities and furniture. It is estimated that Phase One will cost approximately $475,000. We are committed to supporting the local economy, and will hire local contractors and teachers for this project.

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The public school system in Zimbabwe is not free - thus by charging affordable tuition fees to local families for a superior education, the school will also serve as a sustainable revenue source for the Kuda Vana Children's Home for years to come. Your investment is truly an investment in the future! 

Our goal is to complete the school project by 2019 - with your continued support we can make this a reality!